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Aquarius Sessions House Concert in June!

It's been awhile... I'll be hosting another house concert in my very occasional series called Aquarius Sessions. Featuring an alt folk duo called Shadow Bloom. Visit their WEBSITE HERE.

I'll be playing an opening set, joined by my wife Pam Searle on harmonies. Details and ticket link on my "shows" page.

Singer with the Band, August 23, 2023

Besides being a performing singer/songwriter with my own projects, I also sing with a Rock revue called "Relive The Music: 50s and 60s". I've been doing this since answering a Craigslist ad in the fall of 2018. We travel all over BC and Canada with a five-piece band, eight singers, and our own soundperson.

RTM John

Our longest tour yet starts on Sept. 12th in Alberta and is followed by 32 dates that go right across to Halifax. For full details including dates, venues, tickets, and more visit the Relive The Music website.

Over $700 Raised for Happy Herd Sanctuary, May 16, 2023

Our house concert on April 27th was a full house with over $700 raised for the Happy Herd Animal Sanctuary. Pam and I played mostly tunes from our album, "Hermosa Star" but added an Everly Brothers cover and another one of my originals for good measure. Our friend Wanting Qu followed with a beautiful and heartfelt set of her songs.

House Concert (Benefit for Happy Herd Sanctuary) Apr. 27, 2023

House Concert with Wanting Qu, April 19, 2023

Next week, Thursday April 27th, I'm hosting a house concert for my friend Wanting Qu. I'll be doing an opening set, along with Pam Searle, playing songs from our 2022 release, "Hermosa Star Family Album". Ticket link on my "Shows" page.

White and Yellow Minimalist Music Concert Poster - 1

This Weekend Preview, February 20, 2023

I'll be playing, along with Pam Searle, in Vancouver's Gastown. The GRETA Bar & Arcade is the venue. This is a benefit for a Youth Services Centre. We'll be doing a set of tunes which will include this one:

It's my arrangement of a blues tune by Robert Johnson, which he recorded in 1937 in Dallas, Texas. My take on Johnson's classic is produced by Michael Schau and features his vibrato-drenched electric guitar playing. That's me on vocals, rhythm guitar, and blues harp. I love the swampy groove we created. See if you agree.

And then on Sunday, Relive The Music plays at The Bell Centre in Surrey. This is our last show in the Lower Mainland for the foreseeable future. Some tickets still available. Link to the RTM site for more info. Looks like an extended Ontario tour and maybe down to the USA in the fall and into next year.

Two Tracks, Recorded Live, January 3, 2023

Here's a new release of two originals songs recorded at a concert at The Genesis Theatre in June, 2015. A blues tune called "I Dreamed About Muddy Waters" with Beaver Thomas on slide guitar and Steve Campbell guesting on understated blues harp. The other tune is "Loving By Design". It's about being grateful for what I have and the style I would call acoustic R and B. Beaver and Steve are also featured on this one. Along with the steady rhythm section of Peg Wilson (bass) and Jake Pippus (drums). That's me on vocals and rhythm guitar. Hope you like this two song mini-album!

New Chill Album from Cylimen Now Out, November 14, 2022

My friend Pim Bouwens has released his latest album under the Cylimen name. It's a chill, atmospheric collection of instrumental tunes suitable to set a contemplative mood whether at home, in a yoga studio, or similar situations. Have a listen!

Benefit for Ukraine Family, November 3, 2022

I'll be doing another fundraiser for a Ukraine family. This time at the Wolf and Hound Irish Pub on West Broadway. Suggested donation is $20. ALL proceeds to the cause, including CD sales.

Add a heading - 2

Joining me will be my wife Pam Searle on harmonies. We'll be doing songs from the "Hermosa Star Family Album" released earlier this year, along with several other tunes.

Rock Revue Back on the Road! September 24, 2022

After a nearly three year hiatus, Relive the Music is back. First show tomorrow night in Chilliwack. Then we leave next weekend for a three week tour to Winnipeg, with many stops along the way.

Screen Shot 2022-09-24 at 10.16.40 AM

House Concert for Ukraine Families, September 21, 2022

We raised $400 for a Ukrainian family who were in Poland but returned home this past weekend. They are only 30 kms from the front lines. Work is scarce, things are expensive. Glad we could help.


"Just A Dance" Video, September 21, 2022

"Just A Dance" is a track on the "Hermosa Star Family Album". Rick and Makai Genovese are the dancers.

Thanks Facebook (Not), Sept. 1, 2022

Out of the blue, some faceless minion at FacebookDotCom decided to unpublish my music page! The appeal process is opaque. You click a button and hope for the best. They may - or may not - get back to me. Meanwhile I've got no way of contacting the 1100 people who subscribe to my page.

You can contact me at The house concert on Sept. 17th (see posting below) still has a few seats available.

House Concert Coming Up, August 23, 2022

After a long hiatus it feels like the right time to get back out there. Carefully and cautiously. I dipped my toes in the water with a six-song set earlier this month at a cousins' reunion over on the Island. My wife, Pam, and I performed six songs in close harmony, all from the "Hermosa Star Family Album" released earlier this year. It was a friendly audience (being family after all!). Now we'll be doing a two-set house concert for friends, acquaintances, and whoever wants to come.

house concert poster

Get in touch via my "Connect" page to reserve a seat. Still some space available. All very COVID cognizant, in a large social room with a high ceiling, and good ventilation. Masks are up to the attendees.

There are over 12 million Ukranians displaced from their homes since the start of the Russian invasion in February. Imagine what that must feel like. The uncertainty, discomfort, boredom, fear, lonliness, and expense of giving up your home, your job, and in many cases, leaving behind family. And for what? Because Vladimir Putin feels threatened?

My last name is Pippus. That's a German name that can be traced back to the Southwestern part of Germany to at least the 15th Century. In 1815, the Russian Tzar, Alexander I, invited about 1,600 German farmers, including my great (5x) grandfather to migrate to Bessarabia (now Moldova and Odessa Province in Ukraine) to settle and develop the land. For 125 years my family did that until 1939 when Stalin made a pact with Hitler that included expelling the Bessarabian Germans who lived there. My great grandfather was one of those expelled.

My grandfather, Jacob Pippus (born in Crimea in 1897), did not suffer the consequences of this expulsion as he had emigrated to Canada in 1912 as a 15 year old boy. When he arrived in Canada, he joined his older brother, Otto, on his farm near Medicine Hat, Alberta.

So my family history is linked to Ukraine for over a century. That connection is one more reason to make this house concert a benefit for today's Ukraine refugees. I hope you will attend!

"Just A Dance" Video Release, April 11, 2022

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 9.43.59 AM

Pretty nice of Great Dark Wonder to be the first to release the video for "Just A Dance". See the video and read a review here.

The video features Rick and Makai Genovese.

Whole World Watching (Ukraine), February 28, 2022

Spotify playlisters are adding the new single. It was written in a burst of anger and awe, watching what was happening in Independence Square in Kyiv in January and February of 2014. The live recording was made in 2018 for a video. The audio was released just this past weekend.


Radio airplay is starting. The track is available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. And soon on iTunes, Apple Music and the rest. Is it band wagon jumping or a reaction to what is happening? Your call.

"Whole World Watching" Video, February 27, 2022

In 2014 I watched demostrators in Independence Square (Maidan) in Kyiv, Ukraine fight to get rid of their corrupt leader who was in the pocket of Russian president Vladimir Putin. I was in awe of the bravery of these unarmed or lightly armed citizens who were being shot at by snipers above and beaten up by paid thugs. I imagined something like this happening in my city and wondering if I would be willing to "go down in to the streets below".

Thinking about this led to coming up with this song, "Whole World Watching". I found an urgent riff and the words came quickly. It wasn't until 2017 that I recorded the song, a live version, seen in this video:

The lyrics are in the "SHOW MORE" section of the video.

This Review!, February 4, 2022

Great Dark Wonder reviews "Hermosa Star Family Album and you can READ IT HERE.

Quoting from the review: "Reminiscent and harkening in spirit, in some ways, to Neil Young’s classic “Harvest,” Pippus and friends have made something much richer in tone and certainly more fitting for 2022."

Interview, January 29, 2022

"Canadian Spaces" is the longest running folk music show in Canada. Host Chris White interviewed album co-producer, Brice Tabish and I and played five album tracks. You can hear the archived interview HERE. We talk about making the album, how it got its title ("Hermosa Star"), riding the VIA train, and the proverbial more.

Click the "Listen Here" button, then to go straight to the 40-minute interview go to the 1:17:00 mark. Or play the first hour too. Some of Canada's best folk artists are featured.

Added to Real Roots Cafe, January 20, 2022

"Devil's On His Way" was just added to Real Roots Cafe's Spotify play list. Based out of The Netherlands, Real Roots Cafe has been supporting Folk/Roots/Americana for 25 years and counting.

More Spotify playlist adds coming on Album Release Day, Feb. 4th. You can hear "Devil's On His Way" on your favourite platform. It's the second advance release from "Hermosa Star Family Album". Check out the sweet Roma-style mandolin solo, played by Brice Tabish (who also co-produced the album).

Got Spotify? Pre-save New Album, January 10, 2022

So release date for the new "folk and roll" album, "Hermosa Star Family Album" is coming in early February. If you're on Spotify, and who isn't, you can pre-save the album HERE. I didn't know, but now I do, that if you pre-save it, it means the album will show up in your playlist on release day. I do hope you will have a listen - I know there are a lot of albums vying for your ears, so I do appreciate you taking the time.

Just Got Added to a Spotify Playlist, November 22, 2021

"Devil's On His Way", a preview track from the upcoming album, was just added to a Spotify playlist. I've been on Spotify for years, but I've never cracked the code of how to get noticed there. Very few plays on this particular platform as a result. But using Submithub, I've been able to connect with curators here and this is my first "add". It's a good feeling to be on a playlist with Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Robert Plant, Felice Brothers and more. Have a listen!

Bahamas Last Night, November 21, 2021

I went to the Vogue Theatre last night with my son Jake and his bride-to-be Samantha. We saw Bahamas aka Alfie Jurvanen and his band - drums, bass, 2nd guitar, backup vocalist. It was a very satisfying show. Well played, good sound, original songs with plenty of musical influences. As I said after the show, I couldn't tell if Alfie was a good guitarist or a great guitarist. Whatever. He played in an interesting way and the sound from his telecaster was warm and full.

The opening act - I didn't catch her name - played solo and she was getting interesting sounds from her guitar. Metalic and bass sounding with lots of fingerpicking and runs in between her jazz chords.

Back to Alfie. He was funny! In between songs he kept us all amused with his stories of past visits to Vancouver, about his wife not getting too excited when he played her his (possibly) " "best love song ever", and kidding his back up singer about having a 5:45 AM lobby call so she probably couldn't wait for the show to end.

I didn't know his catalogue, other than a song or two, but Sam knew pretty much everything he played.

The Vogue was full. Vax status checked at the door and everyone wore their masks until they got to their seats. Then 95% of the audience took off their masks, as did I. It felt good to be in a big crowd again, but only because I knew everyone around me was vaxxed.

"Two Sides To Every Lie", November 9, 2021

Here is track one from the album. "Two Sides To Every Lie" is a foot tapping, Cajun flavoured tune. Fiddle playing by Kristina Jessen and accordion by Claude Champagne.

I played a Gibson J-45 and Martin D-15 on this track - and on most of the tracks on the album, a one-month rental from Long & McQuade. Man, I was sorry to see those two guitars go. We recorded Jake (my son) on drums on Oct. 31, 2020. And we recorded Peg Wilson (bass) at the same time. We added Pam's piano, as well as fiddle and accordion at later sessions. Pam and Peg sang back up vocals.

Early on, Brice Tabish (co-producer) and I tagged this one for the lead single. It has a good time feel to it, with its upbeat tempo and lyrics that still make me smile. "I don't know / why you would go / And put me down this way / 'Here lies a double crosser' / I'll write that on your grave". Now tell me that isn't good for a chuckle.

Cute little video eh? The closest I'll get to releasing the album on vinyl.... But I am getting a small run of CDs printed. Some people still prefer to play their music on CDs, including me.

"Devil's On His Way", October 23, 2021

The album is made. Recording started one year ago. Now it's done and it's time to get as many people aware of it as I can. Between now and the official release date of Feb. 4/22, I'll be working on getting advance airplay, interviews, and word of mouth going. Promo can be as creative, fun, and challenging as writing and recording the album. It can also be soul sucking and a chore of immense proportions - but let's stay positive!

Here is an advance listen to Track 3 on the album, "Devil's On His Way". It's the bluesiest of the eleven songs, a minor 12-bar blues, but what keeps it in the folk/roots genre - along with the other 10 tracks - is the mandolin solo. I was thinking of going with electric guitar or saxophone but that was too obvious, and too bluesy for this collection of songs. So when Brice picked up his mandolin and tried out some solo'ing I knew this was it. Pam Searle (my wife) and I sing in close harmony throughout. And if you listen closely, you'll hear Marq DeSouza's Telecaster playing some reverb-soaked phrases just as punctuation here and there.

I'll be interviewed next Sunday by Pam Edgar on CHLY's "Songwriters' Circle" at 1pm West Coast time. Tune in to hear us talk more about the album. I expect Pam will play a few tracks as well.

Special Night, May 12, 2021

Last night we dressed up and went for dinner at a restaurant. Which is memorable in itself, given it's the first time I've done that since February of last year. That's 15 months ago. We rode the Aquabus for the first time since then too, and it was so nice to see the city skyline from that perspective again.

It was a night to celebrate friendship and a successful musical project that Pam and her BFF Laura Lang have been doing for a year now. Sing City Choir had to adapt from a once-a-week in person event to an online format. Hard to do, as you can imagine, but they pulled it off, broadcasting to a sizeable sign-up list every Tuesday evening from our apartment.

Looking forward to another night like this soon. Can't wait to get back to live performing too.

New Musicians Union Takes on Spotify, May 10, 2021

I've just learned about this new grassroots organization from a recent article in the New York Times. The Union of Musicians and Allied Workers is looking to even the playing field between singer/songwriters and the large streaming companies like Spotify who are raking in the profits, rewarding only a handful of well-financed top stars - and leaving the vast majority in the dust.

From the NYT article: "Industry estimates put Spotify’s payout rate for recordings at about $4,000 per million streams, or less than half a cent per stream. Since that money may pass through a record company before making its way to an artist, hundreds of millions of streams may be needed for a musician to net anything substantial."


"The number of artists that generated more than $1,000 was 184,500 — but since there are more than six million artist profiles on Spotify, that means that about 97 percent of them failed to reach that level. Spotify counters that only 472,000 artists have crossed a certain threshold of professional activity, which the company defines as having released more than 10 tracks and drawn more than 1,000 monthly listeners at some point in 2020; 5.6 million artists have never released more than 10 tracks in total. But even among that subset of presumptive professionals, at most 39 percent of them earned $1,000 last year from Spotify."

The next meeting for new members (me) is coming up on May 16th, noon PST, 3PM Eastern time. I'm interested in seeing what they have to say.Details for the Zoom meeting are on their website. Link above.

Here's more. Some hard stats to consider, courtesy of Music Business ... Of about 6,000,000 music acts with albums on Spotify, around 7,500 artists are generating over $100,000 per annum from Spotify. Now of those lucky few getting over $100K each year, about 3/4's of it goes to their labels, lawyers, managers, promo people and so on. An individual artist’s chance of generating over $100,000 on Spotify this year is… 0.094%.

How My First Band Got Its Name, March 6, 2021

In 1964, I think it was, I got my first electric guitar. A made-in-Japan, solid body Kent with a sunburst finish and ivory plastic switches to change between the two pick-ups. I still remember the mystery and power it held, something vague and ominous. A puzzle to unlock. I forget what kind of amp I had or where I got it. Silvertone rings a bell.

This was two or three years after I had been diligently learning music on a steel-string acoustic so I had paid my dues and earned my right to some electricity. I was in Grade 10, a year ahead of the others, so I was 14 years old. With an electric guitar, I needed a band. I asked a friend at high school if he knew any drummers. He pointed down to the courtyard below from the second-floor classroom and the first I saw of Paul Baker was the top of his head. He and I became a band.

Paul was slightly more popular than I was, which wasn't much but I appreciated the instant upgrading of my social standing. After a quick jam to determine our musical compability (we both worshipped the Stones) and mutual competence (passing) we met in the school libary for our first band meeting. We needed a name. We tried out a few, nothing was resonating. On a nearby stand-alone book rack a novel called "The Tin Flute" caught my eye. The author, a Canadian, was a woman named Gabrielle Roy. Gabriel was the angel who blew the trumpet in the bible. It sounded musical AND unique. And Canadian. That was it.


We knew a guy, Rick White, also in Grade 10 and he was an artist. He was commissioned to design our business card. Rick came up with the sub heading, "An electrified approach to music". Which sounded slightly British to our ears, slightly pretentious (which was a good thing we thought). Pre-internet, you didn't have a website. You had your parents' phone and a business card. This was for bookers to call so that they could book you for gigs. We were in business. We would rehearse in the meantime, waiting for the calls. Others who might call would be girls who liked our "sound".

Rick used the Gordon's Gin bottle for inspiration.


I don't recall the phone ever ringing, but we did play at least a few parties. We played Stones, Yardbirds, Them, and I don't remember what else. "Louis Louie" I think. But we didn't know the five chord was minor. We played it major and it was decades before I learned the secret to making "Louis Louis" sound right. The same with "Gloria". It took many years before I learned how to properly play that crucial guitar break starting on the 12th fret. Bah bah bah / bah bah bah, all in triplets, three times before heading back to the open E chord. The release. So rock and roll. So girl-friendly.

And one of those parties was hosted by Miss North Vancouver who, for one brief period of time, became sort of my girlfriend. I remember an embrace on the pier in West Van at the foot of 21st Ave. The only thing that spoiled it was that my nose started dripping mid-embrace and I had to wipe it on her faux fur collar. The gesture was disguised as a toss-of-the-head-oh-what-I'm-feeling-right-now kind of move. I never told her. Miss North and West Vancouver wasn't the kind of girl who had a sense of irony. Or is it humor?

Later, we added Danny Atcheson on keyboard a la The Doors. Danny went on to a real band later in life. Paul became a sociology prof. I became a video editor in a newsroom. But I kept the business card, and I'm using the colour scheme for the logo on my new album, "Hermosa Star Family Album". Coming soon.

Hermosa Star Family Album, Coming Along, December 6, 2020

Time moves in funny ways these pandemic days. Weeks cycle through on repeat faster than ever, while projects (like the new album) take their own sweet time. What's the rush? There's no deadline, no touring, no end game. And no pressure.


To help pass the time, I'm slowly working on releasing a new album I'm calling "Hermosa Star Family Album" (see entry below). I'm trying to come up with the genre or genres that would describe the overall sound. Contemporary folk maybe. But there's the country-influenced tracks too. And it veers into old-timey territory on a couple of tracks as well.

The bass and drums are recorded and "comped" (meaning taking the best bits from the various takes and stitching them together). This coming week, Brice Tabish (producer/engineer/post production) and I will get together at Jake's studio to record the acoustic guitar parts. I've rented a couple of guitars to join my trusty old Larrivee so that we've got some choices on what will sound best on each track. Some songs will be "double tracked" (playing the guitar part twice - and the same way - for a fuller sound) so having two different guitars will add a subtle effect.

In the photo, on the left, is a Gibson J45. Introduced in 1942, it's the biggest seller in Gibson's history and known as "the workhorse". I love the rich sound and ease of playing. On the left, that's a Martin D-15M. "M" for mahogany, just like my Larrivee DV-05. Something about the sound of that wood appeals to me. Most guitar tops are made from a lighter looking and sounding material, like spruce.

Once the guitar parts are done, we'll move on to vocals. That could happen later this week, or maybe the week after.

Where You'll Find Me, October 20, 2020

Somehow I ended up with two profiles on Spotify. Sigh, and once it's done, there's no going back. So if you want to stream any of my songs there, here's a road map. At "John Pippus" you'll find two albums and four singles. And at "John Pippus Band" you'll find "Howl At The Moon" (2013) and the five-song EP, "Weapons Of Emotion" (2017). My second album, "Born A Genius" plus a few more EPs and several singles are not on Spotify but you can stream/download at my Bandcamp site. Now you know!

New Album In the Works, October 6, 2020

The last time I released a full-length album was in 2013. "Howl At the Moon" was a roaring, live-off-the-floor, blues rocker that caused music critics all around the world to, ahem, "howl" with praise. Various singles, EPs, and videos have come out in the interim, and now it's time for another collection of songs. Eleven in total, all original except for the closing track, our take on the gospel classic, "Will The Circle Be Unbroken".

Joining me on vocals is someone I've been hanging out with for close to 40 years - my wife Pamela Searle. We've been keeping each other particularly close company during this Pandemic Year and one of the offshoots is that we've been singing together. That was the catalyst for making this album.

My son Jacob Pippus is on drums. He's played on several of my releases and has been in various bands with me along the way. We're recording "Hermosa Star Family Album" at Jake's studio. Peg Wilson has been recruited to play bass. Peggy has played and toured with me, on and off, for several years. Brice Tabish is recording, mixing, and producing (as he did on the five-song EP, "Weapons Of Emotion". He played lead guitar on that project too. On "Hermosa Star", we'll be joined by various musical friends who will be featured soloists. Most are like extended family. There's a lot of love, a lot of laughs and memories, going into every track.

We've just started the recording process, so saying "Coming Soon" is a bit optimistic. It might be ready by the end of the year though. Can't wait to share it with you.

A Wild Version of Eddie "Son" House's, "Preachin' Blues", September 1, 2020

One of the best things I've recorded, with a huge nod to Adam Bailie's production on this. He took my riff and my vocal and built an incredible track around it. The chords change when they want to, it's a long way from the classic 12 bar blues structure. In the background, he's sampled Son House's growling vocals as a bed track. And the use of vocoder here really works. We took the blues tradition and made it our own. This song is as one-off and never-been-heard-before as it gets. From the album, "Wrapped Up In The Blues". One music critic said: "[An]... innovative recording bringing to mind all sorts of imagery from John Cale and Lou Reed to Brian Wilson...". See my bio for more critical reviews of the album.

"It's Not a Time to be Silent", September 1, 2020

"Crush The Fear" is a co-write with David Puzak. Our co-writes are released under the name "Sarnia Boys". Sarnia is Dave's hometown, and it's where we've played a few memorable shows. We wrote "Crush The Fear" soon after Donald Trump took office. It seems so long ago. The second verse starts:

Silent conversations

Tension in the air

Can’t trust the president

Bad omens everywhere

Every day I thank my lucky starts I don't live there. Canada has its problems, but nothing like what the States is going through. But you know that.

The long extro repeats the lines: "we’re in a bind its not a time to be silent / the flame of hope is out we’re gonna have to relight it / we wanna end the hate so we have to confront it / can you understand that they want to divide us."

And the last line is: "It's not a time to be silent". Vote him out in November!

Hear This: On Spotify, September 1, 2020

Careful when you click that play button... The sample is cued right in the middle of the rocking harmonica solo of "Bring Me Some Whiskey". Adjust volume accordingly. I just about blew out the top reeds in the middle of the take. I was hitting notes I didn't know I could hit. When the red light goes on, the adrenalin kicks in. This song was a lot of fun to write and record, and you can hear that in the track. Michael Schau produced and played slide guitar, bass, and I think the drums were from a session guy in Los Angeles Michael knows. If you like what you hear, click on the full track option. It's a lot more fun having music out there when you know you've found new ears to listen.

I've got four albums, a few EPs, and a few singles on Spotify. You'll find them under "John Pippus" and "The John Pippus Band". Thanks for taking a few minutes to listen!

As Predicted! (See Story Below), July 21, 2020


Waiting for the Sourdough to Bake, July 22, 2020

Yes, I've become a cliche in this ongoing COVID19 pandemic - I have joined the ranks of the bread makers. A proud, card carrying member I might add. Well, for one thing, I've got time. Also the results are now as good as the pictures that accompany my favorite recipes, after a few false starts. But even the "failures" tasted good, you just wouldn't brag about them on the internet.

I should post a photo, and who knows, I probably will. Something like posting baby photos, no one cares but you can't resist. But the point of this post is to turn you on to my latest musical discovery - Lhasa De Sela.

While the bread bakes, I'm reading her bio, "Why Lhasa De Sela Matters" by Fred Goodman and listening to her on Spotify. And she's so good, I had to share this with you. Some weeks ago, I read about De Sela somewhere online, and ordered her book from the library. The downtown branch re-opened this week so I was notified it was ready for pick up.

Read about her in the link above, and listen to her music, I hope you'll be as charmed as I am. Sadly, she died of breast cancer 10 years ago. She recorded three albums, over a 15 year career.

Showing My Grandson HTML Coding, July 21, 2020

I'm showing Harlan (age 7) how I do basic HTML coding. I just did "bold" printing and now I will demonstrate how to do italics.

And now I have started a new paragraph.

Covid Blues, June 15, 2020

Doing yoga online, baking bread, reading, watching shows on Netflix, Crave, and HBO - yep I'm pretty typical. Watching the news and feeling bad for my American friends who are enduring this Trump presidency.

Relive The Music has shows re-scheduled starting in February 2021, which seems like a long way off but I think (like most people) that without a widely-available vaccine there aren't going to be any large indoor musical events for a long time. For now, fingers crossed, but realistically I don't have my hopes up for next spring's shows.

I can see getting together soon with a few musician friends though, jamming some tunes and seeing what happens. As long as we keep our distance in the rehearsal space and avoid touching common surfaces, I'm up for that. Recording and posting online too.

Music, food, exercise, visits with my kids and grandsons. And red wine. It could be a lot worse.

Now Where Was I? May 13, 2020

Here we are in the second (or is it third?) month of self-isolation. Personally, it's going ok but for so many people it's a bad situation, either because of health reasons, or financially. Or mentally in some cases. The world is in a hard place these days, and like our medical health officer, Bonnie Henry, famously says, "be kind, be calm, be safe".

Here in BC, next week we start Phase 2 of our re-opening schedule. That means more stores and services will start to open up. Slowly and carefully. We're fortunate in BC to have a government that has been moving cautiously and letting the scientists and medical experts set the pace.

Like everyone, I miss hugs and closeness with family and friends. I also miss not being able to perform. I don't know when Relive The Music will be back in action. Playing to a theater full of people, I just can't see it happening for at least a year. Playing smaller, outdoor events could happen though, possibly this summer or fall, doing some solo or duo gigs.

Here's a photo of my friend Adam Bailie taken back on March 18th. This bike ride was the last time I did anything that resembled the old normal. Even though things were shutting down, at that time, it still seemed ok to go for a bike ride. We stopped at a local brew pub for lunch too. No restrictions on distancing or anything. I mean it was 'in the air' and being talked about, but in BC at least it was pretty much the last day of feeling like it was ok to do that.


So I'm exercising, reading, playing guitar, eating, drinking wine, and for the past week or so, I've been able to see my grandsons. That makes a big difference. We're careful, we go to places that are pretty much deserted - like the UBC and SFU campuses. And like everyone else, I'm wondering what comes next.

Northern BC Tour Cancelled, March 13, 2020

Next week we had four shows scheduled for up north. They are now cancelled. We're looking at rescheduling these dates for mid-September. But as you know, there are so many unknowns surrounding the current health crisis, that we will have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Meanwhile, I've got a stack of books to go through: a bio on Canadian explorer/entrepreneur/storyteller Pierre Radisson called "Bush Runner"; a Mike Pence bio titled "Piety and Power". Then there's "Treblinka", an historical novel about the Nazi death camp; "A Transatlantic Love Affair", the letters from Simone De Bouvier to her long time lover, American author Nelson Algren. Oh, while I'm at it, I recently finished "Blood: A Memoir" by Alison Moorer. Highly recommended.

First Show This Saturday, January 19, 2020

On Saturday Jan. 25th we will launch our first show of the year in Delta at The Genesis Theatre. See my "shows" page for ticket info. Just over 100 seats left. I've played this venue twice, in 2012 and 2014 with my own quartet. Now I'm back as part of Relive The Music: 50s and 60s.

In March, we do a six-date run that gets us as far north as Prince Rupert. In October, we head east for a 10-date tour that goes as far as Regina. A busy year, but still lots of time for other things that come along.

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