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"Howl" is Editor's Choice for 2013, December 16, 2013

The Blues Underground Network's Year End Review for 2013 is out and "Howl At The Moon" received the Editor's Choice Award. I'm thrilled, particularly after reading that they had 243 albums submitted this year.

Editor John Vermilyea says: "Howl At The Moon" was something I have not heard in a long while, with a style and sound that came across with a great Canadian Blues meets British Rock feel. Very reminiscent of the great sounds that came out of Britain in the late 60's and early 70's, but with something that truly makes it sound thoroughly refreshing and unique. In addition to the Blues and Rock feel of "Howl At The Moon", you will also get a little Roots, thus creating the perfect triple threat that is the music of John Pippus.

The album was recorded Sept. 29th and 30th last year at The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver. Produced by Adam Bailie. Recorded and mixed by Josh Bowman. The band line up: John Pippus (guitar, vocals, harmonica),Jacob Pippus (drums), Tony Kerr (bass)*, Aynsley Leonard (backing vocals). Vocal coaching by Laura Lang.

Tony has since left the band; replaced by Brendan Mooney.

Last Night at FanClub, Dec. 12, 2013

Well that was fun... We rocked the joint. And the other two acts on the bill, All Purpose Voltage Heroes and Henry and the Nightcrawlers were a musical treat. Between the three acts, we presented a real variety of musical styles. I was proud to share the stage with my bandmates: Aynsley Leonard, Jacob Pippus, and Brendan Mooney. Visit our band website for more.

The John Pippus Band at FanClub. Dec. 11/13 photo photo_zps577b7a1f.jpg

Looking Back, Looking Forward, November 30, 2013

Looking back over the shows I've played this year some memorable ones come quickly to mind. Not just the big ones or high profile gigs (Harmony Arts Festival, Fairmont Pacific Rim, Genesis Theatre) but some of the bars and smaller coffee houses where the vibe was right, the band was tight, and enough people were digging what we were doing. Darby's Pub for example is always fun. The Sylvia Hotel where I do the more laid back, duo gig is always a good time as well. Also the tour in September on Vancouver Island with my tour mates (and now friends) Running Red Lights and Bluesky Miners had some magical and memorable nights. I'm looking forward to hooking up with Running Red Lights in January for a tour in Ontario (see my 'shows' page) for dates and locations.

The last show for this year will be a full band show at FanClub, here in Vancouver. I'm delighted with the line-up we've put together. Two young bands that are tuneful, risky, and intelligent in what they do will be joining our band. Henry and The Nightcrawlers is led by Henry Alcock-White. He has some high profile bandmates, including Zack Gray from The Zolas and two members of 2012 Peak Performance winners, We Are The City.

The other band is the All Purpose Voltage Heroes. Originally from Edmonton, this band toured Canada for eight years, opening for Metric and other big names. Chart Attack says:

"More insane than a trip to the nut-house, this all-synth four piece band are in a league of their own. In all of their eccentricity, All Purpose Voltage Heroes, play a highly energetic and fierce set."

Tickets are only $10 at the door. Doors open at 8PM. Fanclub is at 1050 Granville St. Wednesday, Dec. 11th is the night. Playing order is: All Purpose Voltage Heroes, The John Pippus Band, with Henry and The Nightcrawlers ending the night.

Here's link to the Facebook Event page.

 photo Fanclub_poster_WEB_zpsc8dfbcc1.jpg

Recording Session with Aynsley Leonard, October 9, 2013

I spent the afternoon at our rehearsal space, recording half a dozen songs with Aynsley. Just a basic set up, live to tape, guitar and two vocals, and Ayns playing some shaker, tambourine, and stomp box. Anthony Snelgrove did the recording, and snapped a few pictures during the session:

Web Version photo Oct9_2013_WEB_zps67ac8069.jpeg

We recorded "Some Days", "The Way You Say Goodbye", "Oh Oh Oh", "It's Just A Dance", "Ba Ba Ba", and "Airplane Woman". We may be putting some or all of these tunes out on an EP that we can sell at shows.

Duo Gig at The Central Brew Pub, September 30, 2013

After playing a full band show on Friday night at The Fairmont Pacific Rim, Aynsley Leonard and I played a duo gig the next night at The Central Brew Pub in Surrey. Here's a photo from Saturday night:

Central City Pub, Sept. 2013 photo CentralCity2_Sept_2013_WEB_zpsa5b3d6f6.jpeg

Now I'm working on setting up a tour in Ontario for January. Also working on a three-song video album with Adam Bailie producing, tentatively called "Original Life". Three new songs, three videos for each.

The Greatest Adventure Tour In History, 2013

Yes, that's what we're calling it. (A bit of hyperbole to get the ball rolling can't hurt). Five dates on Vancouver Island, starting at The Copper Owl in Victoria on Sept. 10th. I'll be touring with Running Red Lights and Blue Sky Miners, both from Toronto. I'll be opening the nights, solo/acoustic. Visit Running Red Lights' home page for start times and venue details.

Weekend Report, August 19th, 2013

A good start to the week - I turned on the computer this morning and saw that I've confirmed another date for my Spring tour in The Netherlands (May, 2014). De Waag (picture below) was built in the late 1500s as a weigh house and later became a tavern. In the 60s, Simon and Garfunkel, Joan Baez, and Pete Seeger performed here. I played here in May of 2012 to a very attentive and friendly crowd. See my "shows" page for other dates on the Holland tour.

 photo 220px-Haarlem_Waag_zpsba43c79d.jpg

Radio play this weekend included "Bozos On The Bus" on Portland's KMHD. Tom Addis, host of "Blues Palace" has been very supportive of my music. Also Shore 104.3FM, here in Vancouver played "Coming Home Blues" on Saturday night (according to the playlist). Shore Radio is another station that continues to support what I'm doing, week in and week out.

And Aynsley Leonard and I played a duo gig at The Central Brew Pub in Surrey on Saturday night. This was our third time performing here; we're back again in late September. Speaking of gigs, two coming up this week - solo/acoustic at the Grand Opening of Deep Cove Brewery and on Saturday night a full band show at The Heritage Grill in New Westminster. Again, see the "shows" page for details.

Summer Daze, Part Two, August 9, 2013

I've got a five-date Vancouver Island tour coming next month. A triple bill with two Toronto bands, Running Red Lights and Blue Sky Miners. Here's the Facebook event.... Playing Harmony Arts Festival last Sunday was a treat. Good crowd, sound system, and respectable CD sales too... A few more co-writes in the last few weeks including one called "My Only Drinking Problem Is You", co-written with Lucy LeBlanc. I'll run it by the band at Monday's rehearsal and see if we can work it into our set list. It might be too country for our sound but I hope not because I like it! Another recent co-write with Dayna Shereck and Lucy LeBlanc,"I Still Want You" also has a Nashville feel to it.... Time to go play some pitch n' putt and take advantage of this amazing summer weather.

Summer Daze, July 15, 2013

Ouch. It's been six weeks since I've updated my news page. What have I been doing? Check my shows page for recent and upcoming dates. Besides playing I've been co-writing, rehearsing with the band and my duo partner, Aynsley Leonard. Also backing up Nat Jay at a few shows on second guitar. You can also like my facebook page at: to stay connected that way.

Me and Carly Rae, May 27, 2013

This Friday I've booked myself in to play a solo/acoustic set at Trees Organic Coffee House. This performance will mark my 7th anniversary of hosting and booking the Friday Music Nights at Trees. I took over the job from Carly Rae Jepsen (who, as we all know, went on to become the "Call Me Maybe" star). I'm sharing the bill with Ed Sadler, the lead singer, writer, and guitar player for Fear Zero. Also Michelle Joly. 8PM start time.

"Howl" Reviewed in Maple Blues Magazine, May 23, 2013

I missed this review by John Valentyn when it came out in the April issue of The Toronto Blues Society's monthly magazine, "Maple Blues. He starts off the review saying, "If, like me, you like a really raw, un-adorned electric guitar, this disc is just what the doctor ordered. Have a read.

Short Bio About The John Pippus Band, May 2, 2013

Interview On The Radio, April 21, 2013

Shelley Gummeson, host of "Jazz On The Rocks" at CFBX radio broadcast this hour-long interview she did with me recently. She did a good job. Have a listen:

Shelley breaks up the conversation with songs, mostly from the new album, "Howl At The Moon", but also the title track from the first album, "This City". A few posts below this one you can read Shelley's review of "Howl" in Earshot magazine.

"Howl" On the Radio, April 4, 2013

My fourth album, "Howl At The Moon" continues to get airplay all over the world. It's currently sitting at #3 on the blues chart at CFBX (Kamloops) and "Stranded", a Canadian/Australian co-produced radio show on CITR radio, played the title track on their Friday night show. The playlist includes D.O.A., Bruce Cockburn, and INXS. Check out the podcast. And Shore 104.3FM (Vancouver)is playing tracks, three and four times a week from my previous albums.

I Survived CMW, March 24, 2013

Central Bar, Toronto Ontario

A few too many late nights in a row made for an interesting perspective. Hard to stop when there's so much happening. Anyway, the two shows went well, and some good music biz contacts were made. The photo, by the way, was taken by The Urban Hermit, aka Andres Hannah-Suarez. See next post to read his blog, previewing our show at The Central Bar.

Ready to Hit Toronto, March 15 2013

Aynsley and I leave for Canadian Music Week on Monday. See my "shows" page for gig details. Got a nice bit of buzz going with a music blogger calling himself "The Urban Hermit" selecting our showcase as one of the "must see" acts. With hundreds of acts scheduled to play it's a real boost to make it on this list.

We're Playing at Canadian Music Fest 2012

Next Band Show on Tuesday at FanClub!

Fan Club Mar 12

Feature Interview in Earshot Magazine, March 6th 2013

"I'm a rock n' roller from way back, like many people" says John. "I was fourteen when the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan. What could be more perfect? What age would you rather be to see the Beatles on Ed Sullivan? That was like 'oh my Lord, I wanted to have fun, be creative and get paid for it that's amazing'. I was seventeen in 1967. That was the summer of love. To be a young buck out on the streets in Vancouver or even San Francisco. I went to San Francisco in '68. Talk about hitting the sweet spot. It shapes you." Read the rest of the interview over at Earshot.

A Little Video Wrap Up of the CD Release Party, Feb. 15th 2013

Here's a 3 minute video of the CD Release Party for "Howl". Shot at Darby's Pub on Feb. 2nd. Thank you to all the folks on this video saying nice things about me. These are not paid actors, btw!

"Howl" is CD of the Week! Feb. 7th 2013

Crazy good reviews continue to come in for the new album. Like this one at Blues Underground Network. Quoting from the review: "5*****, for sure, for "Howl At The Moon"... I wish my rating system went higher. Thoroughly Enjoyed and Highly Recommended... My favorite album, so far, for 2103".. Also Tom Harrison, The Province newspaper's music critic selected "Howl At The Moon" as his "CD OF THE WEEK" on Tuesday. Read the review here. Check the "shows" page for upcoming gigs. The band is sounding tighter than ever.

Lots Going On, Jan. 31st 2013

Got accepted at Canadian Music Week in Toronto in March. I'll be showcasing at The Central, 7PM on March 20th.... The new album, "Howl At The Moon" officially drops (I've always wanted to use that word in this context) tomorrow. It'll be available at CDBaby, iTunes, and more. And you can download or order a CD right now at my music page (click over there on the right)... Reviews and airplay continue to pour in. Super stoked about the band, the album, and life on earth these days... CD Release party on Saturday. See the "Shows" page for details. Feeling good...

Top Of The Chart, Jan. 23rd 2013

Top of the Top 30 on CHLY photo CHLY_TOP30z_cropped_zps5719acce.jpg

"Howl" On The Way, Jan. 18th 2013

Stations all over the world are playing preview tracks from the new album. Countries include: the USA, England, Australia, Holland and Canada. A DJ in the UK, Bob Blues, told his listeners: "I reckon this band is destined for the top...A fantastic album. If you're going to buy an album this year, go and buy this one". You can read a review and interview about the album at RustZine Official release is Feb. 1st.

"Howl At The Moon" Video, Jan. 8th 2013

First Feedback on "Howl", Jan. 8th 2013

Phew. Early returns are hopeful. Three musical friends have heard a preview of the new album, "Howl At The Moon". Here's what they say:

Mike Dewey says: "Good energy...u were aiming for live and that's what u have".

Ev says: "CD sound great. I'm glad you did this... it totally sounds like what u do on stage!"

Don Erhardt (producer of my EP in '06) says: "I like the honesty in the recording and the delivery. I like the way you've mic'd your amp with the reverb wet. Reminds me of those bygone days when artists recorded off the floor live...I like the contemporary remakes of a few of the tunes and the urgency of the whole recording. You sound hungry, proud and a bit defiant too. This format works well for your songs. Straight up and visceral."

Yay! I'm happy. Release date is Feb. 1st. Like my music page at: Thanks for your support!

My Other Web Site, Jan. 5th 2013

The John Pippus Band has a web site too. You'll find it here. You'll get more background on my bandmates: Jake, Tony, and Aynsley. Also band pix and more.

Music Nights at Trees Coffee House, Jan. 4, 2013

Besides being a singer/songwriter, I also book and host the music nights at Trees Organic Coffee House here in Vancouver. I've been doing that every week for over six years now. I wrote an article (you can read it here) for BC Musician Magazine about a typical music night at Trees.

Over the years I've had some acts there who have gone on to bigger things including Dan Mangan (indie superstar who can fill large soft seaters now), Wanting (signed to Nettwerk Records and is becoming a big star in China) and a few others. Most keep their day jobs however and do music as a sideline, but the dream of "making it" is always there. Check out the January schedule at the Trees website and if you're in Vancouver, come on by and say 'hi'.

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